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You can ONLY go to a hideout, but that’s also a tough proposition. This results in maddening scenarios where I’ve made it to a hideout, but as soon as I try to slow down and enter them, I’m slammed into by five cops who instantly deplete my lifebar and bust me, causing me to lose everything. This exact scenario has unfolded at least a dozen times already in my racing career. Racers are meant to avoid the cops, while winning races at the same time. Sometimes you’ll just have to escape a single cop in an event, by either bashing his car until its undriveable, or outrunning him. Other times, you’ll just race other cars and the cops will show up and try to kill you.

  • Up to four players can participate simultaneously in these duels via the Internet, in which we can measure our strength with our friends.
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  • The fourth update for PC was released on 4 April 2011, which fixed another 30 percent of the game’s known bugs, with a total of 77 percent of the issues fixed.
  • Need for Speed’s gameplay is centered on arcade racing, but I enjoy how it still demands a racer’s touch.
  • You can, but you can also collect one piece, then replay the stage and collect two more.
  • Every day, thieves break into cars on her block, with no consequence.

Cops can start chasing you as you’re leisurely driving 150mph down country roads or if you’re in the middle of a race which means that you’ll be challenged with finishing a race while avoiding cops who are trying to take you out. Meanwhile, you’ll try not to hit the motorists who are completely unaware that they just drove into a night-time street race. For the first five hours of the game, as soon as more than one cop is on your tail, you’re pretty much busted since your car isn’t fast enough to outrun them all. It also bears mentioning that in my time with the game, it crashed four times, once wiping out the entirety of my progress on a difficult race.

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See if your favorite Android racing game made it onto our Top 10 Best Android Racing Games of August 2013. Car Race by Fun Games For Free is an exciting drag racing game! Simply accelerate and change gears to beat your opponents. You can download Car Race by Fun Games For Free from the Google Play Store here. A Literature and Linguistics graduate with a keen interest in everything Android. When not writing about tech, Pranob spends most of his time either playing League of Legends or lurking on Reddit.

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The blacklist 12 represent the best of the best and the most wanted racers wanted by the cops in Musrhoom City. The names and cars are listed below but the required amount of races, milestones, or bounty, are not shown but each show how many you have to do to beat them. The catch is that you have to win all of them, not the majority of the races. Even though the mechanics of cops and robbers need work, gameplay is undeniably a lot of fun.

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