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If you compress the image it should be about the size of the used space of your hdd. To clone Mac hard drive to SSD drives you first have to format the drive you want to use.

Suppose your laptop is damaged and you must send it in for repair. In the meantime, you not only have to borrow another computer for the duration of the repair, you also don’t have your data, applications and work environment exactly as they were on your machine.

This lack of organization can be very frustrating and inhibit your productivity. When you get your machine back from repair, you have to deal with locating any modified documents on your loaner computer and copying them to your original computer. Also, Apple recommends that you backup your data before sending in a machine for repairs because they are not responsible for lost data.

Another scenario in which it would be desirable to do a full-volume clone is when you have purchased a new Mac and you would like to move everything from your old Mac to your new Mac. When you get a new computer from Apple, though, it has a specific version of macOS installed on it, and further, a hardware-specific "build". Your new Macintosh cannot boot from the older version and build of macOS that is installed on your older Mac, so simply cloning your old Mac onto your new Mac won’t work. You can migrate directly from a CCC backup of your old Mac. There are many different reasons to make an exact clone of your hard drive.

(You can see a list in the online appendix to my book Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac.) It’s also possible to clone a drive using Disk Utility or by using the diskutil command in Terminal. Most of these apps and processes do an entirely respectable job, but two cloning utilities—Shirt Pocket’s $28 SuperDuper and Bombich Software’s $40 Carbon Copy Cloner—stand above the rest. Each has a long history, focuses on cloning, presents a simple and clear user interface, and includes unusual features that make it an especially good choice for creating and maintaining bootable duplicates. has copied across all the files you have a perfect clone of the Mac’s hard drive.

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You can access all of the files by connecting the backup drive to a Mac—the file system should look familiar. Unless you’re using an older Mac Pro or you’ve built your own Hackintosh, this is most likely going to be an external drive. It needs to be at least the same size as your Mac’s main drive; anything smaller and it won’t be able to contain the clone. is an application that makes a perfect clone, of a Mac’s hard drive, on a different hard drive. When you use it to back up a Mac, it copies the entire operating system—along with all the applications, files and almost everything else.

But any changes to the contents of /Users are made on the original drive, not the clone. More than two dozen third-party backup apps can make bootable duplicates.

This gives it a couple of advantages over other backup solutions such as OS X’s built in Time Machine. When Disk Utility opens, you’ll want to select your source. This is the hard drive you want to clone and/or backup. This is the hard drive you want to save the backup Discover more. Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Speccy available to download here. image to.

How To Prepare Your External Drive To Use For Your Clone

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Download the .iso, burn it to disk with Brasero, put it into the machine you want to image, reboot, attach the destination drive, and follow the prompts. Be cautious when using dd, it’s a very low level tool and mistakes can destroy data easily. If you want to make a byte-for-byte copy of an image, select CloneZilla’s partition-to-partition option. Just be aware that this could take a while, and the image will have the size of the partition, not the files on it.

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