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The loft is adjustable downwards by 1 degree and upwards by 2 degrees from the standard 10-degree loft providing for 4 different settings. Add the two weight ports and you can change the bias from draw to neutral bias in seconds. The modified Alpha 815 Diamond Driver core is longer than its predecessor with the standard Callaway pointer to show you where the middle of the face is.

He’s also debuting a new Bridgestone Tour B XS 2020 prototype golf ball. Read more about Woods’ role in designing and testing the new ball here. A golfer that has a problem slicing the ball will do well trying the Cobra F-Max Offset to get their ball back in play closer to the fairway. We have reviewed both options and found that the competition is stiff in both categories but manufacturers have made the options as flexible as possible to cater to a wide spectrum of golfers.

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Driver provides technology and good looks into a lightweight smooth swinging masterpiece. The Big Bertha Alpha 815 has a glossy black, pear-shaped head, that’s wide from the clubface to the back of the club. The crown has a small silver Callaway chevron for alignment to the sweet spot. The sound produced when ball meets clubface is muffled like that of a solid club striking the ball. OptiFit adjustable hosel technology allows you to adjust the loft and lie angles.

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Variable thicknesses found in the face of the Hot Launch HL3 offers extra forgiveness in the areas where golfers tend to strike their mishits. Larger, midsize grips have been fitted to F-Max Offset for improved comfort and consistency. Having larger grips lessens the tension in your setup creating higher swing speeds. As you hit more consistent drives your confidence will improve and your ability as a golfer will grow. This enables you to enjoy the game and want to return more often.

If you’ve been known to ditch your golf driver in hopes of avoiding a sand trap or water hazard, perhaps it’s time to invest in a more reliable option designed to improve your game. A new design on the face of the Cobra King F8 driver helps mid and high handicap players keep the ball in the fairway and forgives mis-hits. That’s not the only piece of new equipment in the bag, either.

RMOTO is a series of ribs that connect the face to the crown and the sole. This strengthens the outer boundaries of the face and promotes faster ball speeds off the face, especially on mishits.

  • VLC can also stream music from a local network or the internet, including internet radio stations, which you can set up as a playlist for quick access.
  • All in all, foobar2000 is an extremely lightweight and adaptable option that suits smaller music libraries.
  • Open source VLC Media Player is best known for its video-handling chops, but it’s also a superb music manager that can play almost any format without installing any additional codecs – and convert between them, too.

With the ability to reduce the spin generated by the Alpha 815, you can expect to get the best distances possible when finding the setting that suits you the best. Even though this is Ping’s first attempt of building sliding weights into their driver, they must be congratulated. This is a solid performer at a price that most golfers or aspirant golfers can afford. Even programi dawnload without the fancy technology, you can expect respectable performance.

The G400 isn’t cheap, but if you’re unhappy with your current driver — and honestly, who isn’t most of the time? At the top of the Ping G400 Max’s clubface are small raised areas that help to reduce air friction and give you a little more club speed. Even an improvement as small as this can deliver enough of a bump in club speed to give you several more yards on your drive. Today’s drivers offer plenty of innovation geared toward straightening slices and draws, getting the most out of direct strikes, and ultimately allowing you to step your long game up.

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