How To: Secret Functions LingoDeer Application On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots).

But the Rocket Language Chinese program is designed to make this elephant a little easier to eat. They break this thousand step journey down to its basic parts so that you don’t get overwhelmed right at the start. You just start chipping away at what you need to learn, and with daily practice will start to believe that you actually can learn to speak Chinese. Learning the writing system is definitely recommended because it is very intuitive and easily picked up.

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If you choose the lowest possible number and do a single level perfectly, your study for the day is complete. Finally, there are notes explaining the Japanese writing system, and they’re quite extensive! Just as the Korean course had extensive Hangul charts, there are interactive Hiragana and Katakana charts in the Japanese course. You can click on the individual spaces to have the sounds read out, which I liked. However, there seems to be a little bug such that sometimes when I go to the charts they don’t read out when I press the spaces.

There are some other unique features that are worth checking out too, like clippings. You can download Nihongo for free, and it’s available on iOS devices. Obenkyo also stands out because it’s not structured as a course. It has a more self-directed approach, and you can study all of the app’s content at once without completing prerequisite lessons. If you’re looking to learn specific skills, Obenkyo is a great choice for this reason.

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We also had a couple of readers recommend Papago as a translation source specifically for Korean. Microsoft Translate is another good option in this space. Additionally, Fluent Forever bases its lessons on the Four-Step Method. The first step is training ears with pronunciation lessons. Then, learn vocabulary through images, understand grammar through stories, and lastly – this feature is still in progress – practise with native speakers.

  • It’s an excellent way to learn a language over the span of months without dedicating large portions of your day to the activity.
  • You’ll also want to have a Japanese dictionary handy when you’re out and about so you can translate words quickly.
  • If you are a native speaker then Lingodeer has your back.
  • The Portuguese course from Rosetta Stone only includes Brazilian Portuguese, not European Portuguese.
  • Lingodeer also gives users the chance to review what they’ve learn with quizzes.
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