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This throw does not count for the first move. Closeup of the view of the setup of the Nard board from the two folios. Note the initial position of the checkers. Many historians imply that based on this quote Nardashir was already known in the 3rd century CE. Once all your checkers have been removed from home, you have won the game.

As you move up on the rankings and earn a point, your level will increase, which will ultimately help you find better opponents. BackgammonAce Support Team AUTOIf there is no chance left to hit each other’s checkers, you can tap the AUTO button to proceed to bear-off automatically. Banker’s Fee is required, the same as in regular games. Registration of Friends, How to Set Up “PLAY WITH FRIENDS”You can set up PLAY WITH FRIENDS from Menu in the bottom right of the main page. About Ratings, Rankings and Chips Ratings and Rankings will not be influenced when playing with friends and there is no bet of Chips.

Backgammon Stones

Why did I take the trouble to look at the network traffic? Like many others in this discussion here, I have seen occurrences that made me suspicious. I then played a game where my opponent got behind by about 20 points, and doubled. There was then a wait before the opponent threw. For the next eight moves, the opponent threw doubles (double 4’s, double 5’s, double 6’s).

  • If you are not cheating, and someone like myself says “Nice roll.
  • There are backgammon clubs and societies in many parts of the world, and they typically organize regular competitions and tournaments for players of all levels.
  • exceptions; the cube is not used, and gammons/backgammon don’t exist.
  • I have played thousands of games of backgammon, and other games involving the chance of dice rolls.
  • Most every backgammon site let’s you download the match to analyze in Extreme Gammon.
  • I am a 63% player on multiple sites and lose ten games in a row on this site no matter how tight play the game.
  • That would be problematic in terms of the amount of effort they would want to put into a cheap little add-on game.

Your games are saved and are available whenever you return. Welcome to and, where you choose your opponent and play backgammon online with friends. A double game because the winner receives twice the value of the doubling cube. Voluntary DoubleA regular double, where one player offers to double the stakes of the game, as opposed an automatic double when identical numbers are thrown at the beginning of the game. Touch Move RuleAn rule rarely used today in Western backgammon, though it is common in the Middle East. The rule requires that once you touch a checker you must move that checker, and once you remove your hand from a properly played checker, that checker must remain where it was played.

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Just decide how much you want to wager (Stake/Limit) and click on the room that fits your needs. Before you start playing, you’ll need to tell us who you are. After you create a username and password, click on the Cashier button to register you details. At this point you will be offered a variety of convenient methods for depositing. The Backgammon Mania features various additions that have not been used in the game before.

I was more impressed when I received the actual board. It has great dimensions, it feels like proper high-quality wood, and I would be surprised if this board isn’t hand-made. I actually bought the medium-sized set, which is more than big enough for “normal play”.

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