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You yourself said you posted ‘nude pics’ to your Moments, right? Once you do something like that, who knows what WeChat will do. Depending on the type of photo you posted, this might be out of WeChat’s hands entirely. It is possible that your local law enforcement might be involved. We’re not WeChat but we suspect that they are responsive to reports that they receive from their app’s user base including anyone who might have complained to them about your photos. If WeChat has no way to verify that the account is yours, there is nothing you can do.

  • LG G3 comes with a new pin sharp screen QHD “2560×1440 pixel resolution” display as well as introducing a laser guided autofocus for the camera and better result in low light.
  • Within hours the White House quickly clarified that the ban would apply only to business dealings with WeChat; other companies that have relationships with Tencent, such as Riot Games and Epic are apparently safe for the moment.
  • You can even open the Maps app on your iPhone to see the spoofed location.
  • Huawei is the big boy version of that, and it is already being sanctioned with bans on U.S. companies selling microchips to help the company build out its massive 5G infrastructure around the world.
  • Recently, based on WeChat users in India, WeChat fails to be working on Indian accounts.
  • But Dershowitz said he thought the appearances important.
  • It’s a dedicated client that’s based upon the existing chat network, adding further multimedia communication features.

HowEver, the top up works fine when going to “Tickets” and then “CMHK Payment and refIll”. John Jones method may have worked in the past, but now you get stuck on step 4. Before you add a credit card you have to be verified with a Chinese ID card.

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The US move made Huawei’s future uncertain as it expects to run out of chips kept in reserve before the end of next year, he said. It said Washington should immediately stop bullying and safeguard international rules and order. “If the US is bent on having its own way, China will take necessary measures to resolutely protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies,” the ministry said, without giving details. When free fire kind games are there and pubg mobile is owned by tencent but not pubg on pc then there should be no waiting to ban pubg mobile immediately. Even as the sudden ban left TikTok’s Indian fans high and dry, there was palpable relief among the users of PUBG — the highly-addictive, world-famous game that has held millions in India in thrall since its inception. Tik-Tok, Helo and WeChat came under the ambit of the ban, giving a serious jolt to China’s dream of setting up a Digital Silk Route.

True to their name, I’ve found VPayfast to be very fast; within an hour of entering an order, they charge my credit card and send me a WeChat transfer payment. This is a popular option among people who are only in China for a short time, or who just want to experiment with WeChat payments. I’ve met a number of foreigners who Download MiChat APK for Android do things this way. I’m sure that some Chinese are also happy to get foreign currency; I have no idea about the legality of this, and you need to agree on the exchange rate with whoever is paying you. You can also go to an ATM, withdraw cash, and do the whole process in RMB, which avoids such problems and questions.

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Then again, I don’t use TikTok or WeChat, so maybe I’m just not that worried. New executive orders seek to ban two of the most popular apps from Chinese companies. And then with the ubiquity of WeChat there, it really kind of makes it just impossible for people to continue to do business. I think for the people in the US, it really is kind of a test case for TikTok. He also signed a separate order banning the Chinese app TikTok, which is owned by ByteDance.

Please improve it or rather give us the freedom of theme choices. Sorry, again I have to take 3 stars off because of this terrible theme color. It is a shame that Trump Administration decided to kill this app. It only demonstrates how convenient and powerful it truly is. I wish the order could be reversed, because building another wall on Internet is a Shame in US history. The app collects information just like all other apps we are using daily, goolge, Facebook, snapchat, and the only thing that made it getting banned is Greedy from a President who wants to get voted by promoting hatred against Chinese.

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