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ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–ShootProof, a leading global supplier of internet gallery software and associated services for professional and high-street musicians, today announced the purchase of Cole’s Classroom, an internet education platform that provides creative and entrepreneurial instruction to photographers around the globe. This is the second acquisition made by ShootProof after its partnership with Providence Strategic Growth. Details of the acquisition weren’t disclosed. “With a focus on helping aspiring photographers improve their abilities and build successful businesses, Cole’s Classroom has become one of the sector’s fastest growing online education platforms,” said ShootProof CEO Colin Breece. “Online photography instruction is crucial to our leading online studio and gallery management solutions, enlarging our value proposition for photographers throughout all aspects and stages of their business. I am so excited to have Cole and his staff join the Corporation.” More than half a million photographers have viewed over 11 million moments of online education via Cole’s Classroom. From camera testimonials to in-depth training on promoting photography solutions, Cole’s Classroom accounts practical education and fun inspiration. Besides video tutorials, applications training, and personalized mentoring, Cole’s Classroom also includes a lively community that welcomes aspiring photographers and also provides support because they build the business of their Classroom presets Cole en own dreams. Cole’s Classroom will continue to utilize the Cole’s Classroom new and operate under the direction of Cole Humphus who has joined the ShootProof leadership group. “There is nothing more fulfilling than helping creative individuals make a meaningful income by using their photography. Our members come from all walks of life from stay-at-home-parents to former corporate workers. What unites them is a desire to build a life doing something that they love,” said Cole’s Classroom founder Cole Humphus. “Whether with online learning or software, Cole’s Classroom and ShootProof share a vision of helping photographers attain their own dreams. I am excited to be working with Colin and the ShootProof team” For more information, visit ShootProof. About ShootProof ShootProof is a top provider of online gallery software, sales, and business management applications for professional and semi-professional photographers across the globe. The user friendly platform enables photographers to share and market their photos commission-free in sites that are customizable and apps, and deliver a better client experience with digital downloads, proofing, printing, and more. ShootProof serves thousands of photographers in 38 countries, offering 18 unique languages for galleries. ShootProof powered photographers have earned over $335 million in commission-free sales throughout the platform.

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